Optimol castrol optigear

Low friction gear oils that optimise efficiency.

The Castrol Optigear range of advanced gear oils has an advanced formulation that helps to lower levelized costs by reducing friction and optimizing efficiency.

Optimol castrol hysol range


Castrol Hysol XBB cutting fluids deliver long-lasting system stability, with minimal maintenance and no compromise on quality. They’re ideal for machining cast iron and low alloy steel – and suitable for large central systems and single sump machines.

Memolub Visio Visio EP 2

Automatic lubrication with visual feedback.

Maximize efficiency and minimize downtime. Equipped with a 25-bar high-pressure pump and real-time monitoring, Memolub Visio and Visio EP prevents unexpected machine failures. Stay in control with an easily replaceable cartridge and built-in visual feedback, ensuring optimal performance.



Optimol Lubrication presents an exceptionally diverse range of high-performance lubricants, formulated with distinctive blends of base materials and specialized additives. This ensures that the lubrication is finely tailored to suit every application perfectly.


Metalworking fluids

Boost efficiency with CNC, robotics, and automation. Our advanced fluids deliver peak performance, extended tool life, and eco-safety, ensuring unmatched results. Experience the future of manufacturing and benefit from unprecedented cost savings.


Automatic Lubricators

Prevent unexpected machine failures caused by inadequate lubrication. Our Memolub automatic lubrication systems minimize wear, downtime, and energy costs while maximizing efficiency. Safeguard your operations for optimal performance.

Optimol Insight Green

Achieve your predetermined production goals, save significantly and maintain the same quality.

Optimol Environmental Green

Commit to a greener environment, reduce your consumption and reach smoothly environmental standards.

Optimol Safety Green

Put the safety of your employees upfront during the maintenance of your machines.

Optimol Star Green

Benefit from the support of a multidisciplinary team with thousands of international references working to ISO-9001 standards.

A comprehensive
range of services

Optimol Lubrication offers a comprehensive range of services designed to elevate reliability, enhance productivity, and extend the life of your equipment. From meticulous contamination detection to tailored lubrication plans, we are here to empower your operations with cutting-edge expertise and unwavering support.

Memolub Service

A One-Stop shop for
clean and precise
lubricant management.

Explore Optimol Lubrication's range of high-quality lubricantion equipment, contamination-reducing containers, precise measuring tools, and efficient mixing pumps for top-notch industrial performance.

Memolub Accessories
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Lubrication with a heart for the planet.

At Optimol Lubrication we pay special attention to the environmental impact of our products. We support our customers by providing advice on safe procedures for the storage, handling and disposal of lubricants and metalworking fluids, all with our beloved planet in mind.

Optimol environmental