Forward to productivity without compromise.

Manufacturing with ferrous alloys often means making compromises to hit increasing production targets. Performance, system conditions, constant, clean machines and reduced corrosion risks are just some of the choices required. Discover how Castrol Hysol XBB helps combat these challenges and delivers long lasting fluids for system stability, with minimal maintenance and no compromise on quality.


In metalworking, cutting fluids are vital to maintain the optimum machining conditions needed to meet tight delivery schedules. They play a critical role in ensuring efficiency and productivity, but unless you monitor and manage them well, both of these areas will suffer.

Castrol Hysol cutting fluids deliver long-lasting system stability, with minimal maintenance and no compromise on quality. They’re ideal for machining cast iron and low alloy steel – and suitable for large central systems and single sump machines.

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Goodbye to boron and formaldehyde-releasing agents.

Until now, cutting fluids for ferrous metals have needed particular care and attention to keep them in good working condition – avoiding poor sump life, increased additive usage, bacterial or fungal infections, bad odor and unpleasant working environments and, ultimately, high rejection rates.

To achieve this, traditional cutting fluids contain boron and formaldehyde-releasing agents. But using these chemicals is increasingly at odds with health and safety regulation.

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Coolants including Castrol’s XBB technology offer a compelling alternative to maintaining cutting fluids using expensive additive top-ups.

The formulas in this range are formulated to neutralize acid and re-optimise the fluid with a dual-action chemical buffer that resists changes in pH.

The result? Fluids perform better, for longer than standard cutting fluids: pH stays where it should, your costs are reduced, and, formulated using FRA-free and boron-free technology, your workplace and workers are safer.

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Implementing stable fluids with pH control technology, maintaining system cleanliness, and proper waste disposal are key factors to achieve long-term productivity.

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Reducing the need for interventions, fluid top-up, biocide usage, and manpower are important factors in achieving greater efficiency and productivity.

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Achieving precision performance and stability with lubricity can improve tool life, surface finish, and reduce scrap in manufacturing processes.