Applications in
40+ industries
and sectors.

A full range of lubricants and related products that meet the most stringent requirements, suitable for the toughest constraints. Our products are the first choice of leading industrial brands in all industrial fields and sectors.

Steel & Metal

Lubrication solutions adapted to the high loads and extreme temperatures prevailing in all sectors of the steel industry, foundries and factories of aluminum or other metals. Optimol Lubrication has been providing priority services to this sector for more than 40 years and is recognized by the largest market players for helping to reduce the risks of unforeseen downtime, reduce maintenance costs and extend equipment life.

Optimol Lubrication Steel

Food & Beverages

Optimol Lubrication offers a wide range of durable and safe products that can be used in all types of machines (preparation, freezing, cooking and packaging) - even in the most extreme conditions. They are NSF-certified (H1), meet all applicable standards in the food industry and provide additional protection against wear and tear.

Optimol Lubrication Food

Chemistry & plastics

High performance lubrication solutions suitable for the chemical and plastics industries, and more specifically for extrusion applications, which involve processes with very high loads. Optimol Lubrication's solutions not only ensure flawless operation of equipment, but also increases your competitiveness.

Optimol Lubrication Plastics

Cement & Quarries

Machined materials, heat, humidity, loads and vibrations on components influence the type of lubrication you need. Specially formulated products for those demanding operating conditions, which can extend both maintenance intervals and equipment life are key in the cement and quarry industry.

Optimol Lubrication Cement

Power & Wind Turbines

Optimol Lubrication helps to improve the quality of energy production by minimising the risks of unforeseen plant unavailability. Lubricating components (pillow blocks, propeller blades, gear systems, drive crowns) exposed to high loads and adverse environmental conditions correctly is crucial.

Optimol Lubrication Power


With a widely recognised knowledge of glass manufacturing processes, in particular in high temperature environments, Optimol Lubrication is your partner in lubrication solutions if you are active in the glass manufacturing industry.

Optimol Lubrication Glass

Port Facilities

Optimol Lubrication's products ensure exceptionally long life and high reliability for all components related to the operation of cranes, locks, bridges and lifting systems opperating in very humid and aggressive (e.g. high salinity) environments.

Optimol Lubrication Ports


From pneumatic processes to the finished vehicle, with high consumption of mechanical parts. Optimol Lubrication helps shorten stop times and reduce operating costs while improving productivity and product quality to meet all the needs of the automotive industry.

Optimol Lubrication Automotive


Acknowledged lubrication solutions for chipboard manufacturing for their resistance to high loads and high temperatures as well as to aggressive chemical environments (bonding units, drill shafts, milling machines).

Optimol Lubrication Wood


Reduce problems with changes in pressure, temperature, friction and vibration, pitting phenomena, bearings, gears, reducers and to eliminate contact corrosion. Our high-quality lubrication solutions significantly increase the life and safety of your equipment; they are recognized and used exclusively as original equipment on board aircraft and helicopters.

Optimol Lubrication Aeronautics


The pharmaceutical industry requires NSF-certified (H1) lubrication solutions that meet hygiene and safety standards. Optimol Lubrication offers a specific range of lubricants specificly developed for the industry.

Optimol Lubrication Pharma

Paper & Carton

Machines operating in dusty, humid and hot environments need high-performance lubricants designed to ensure the proper operation of the machines in complete safety and extend the life of the machines, from fiber processing to the production and finishing of the paper or paperboard.

Optimol Lubrication Paper

Mechanical Engineering

Equipment life extension is a topic of great interest among manufacturers of high performance and precision machines such as robots, heavily loaded mechanical parts, transfer machines or electronics. High-performance lubricants are used by many manufacturers in first assembly to reduce the effects of friction forces and to protect against corrosion.

Optimol Lubrication Mechanical Engineering


Optimol Lubrication's lubricants withstand the very aggressive operating conditions in incinerators, water treatment plants and recyclable waste treatment facilities. The low consumption levels of the high performance products make an important contribution to the story of sustainable development.

Optimol Lubrication Environmental


The textile industry requires speed and precision, and high-performance lubrication solutions that can withstand the aggressive environments of any type of textile machine - from raw material processing through weaving to finishing - ensuring maximum service life in all areas.

Optimol Lubrication Textile

CNC Machining

In the CNC machining industry, precision and efficiency are paramount. Advanced lubrication solutions play a crucial role in maintaining the optimal performance of CNC machines across various stages of production. From milling and drilling to cutting and shaping, CNC machines operate in demanding environments, exposed to high temperatures, intense pressures, and constant movement.

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