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Regular oil and grease analyses are critical to maintaining the health and reliability of industrial equipment, and can help reduce maintenance costs, improve productivity, and enhance equipment performance. Optimol Lubrication collaborates with an independent laboratory to perform the analysis of your oil samples.

Oil Analyses
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Lubricants can become contaminated with various substances, such as water, dirt, and metal particles, which can reduce their effectiveness and cause equipment failure. Regular oil and grease analysis can detect the presence of contaminants and allow for corrective action to be taken before damage occurs.



Regular oil and grease analysis can provide valuable information for maintenance scheduling, such as identifying the need for more frequent oil changes or the need to adjust equipment settings to reduce wear. This can help optimize maintenance practices, reducing downtime and extending equipment life.

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As machinery operates, it experiences wear, and this wear generates debris that can accumulate in the lubricant. Regular oil and grease analysis can identify the amount and type of wear particles present in the lubricant, allowing for monitoring of machinery health and the ability to detect abnormal wear patterns.

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Lubricants often contain additives that improve their performance, such as detergents, dispersants, and anti-wear agents. Over time, these additives can become depleted, reducing the effectiveness of the lubricant. Regular oil and grease analysis can identify when additives are reaching the end of their useful life, allowing for proactive replacement before performance is compromised.

Emulsion measurements

The accurate measurement of emulsions is essential to ensuring efficient and effective metalworking processes and high-quality finished products. The emulsion quality directly affects the performance of the metalworking fluid, which in turn affects the quality of the finished product. If the emulsion is not properly measured, it can lead to problems such as poor lubrication, increased tool wear, and reduced cutting performance. These problems can result in decreased productivity, increased cost, and reduced product quality.

Optimol Lubrication helps you to measure and monitor the concentration of the emulsion, as it is critical to maintaining consistent performance in metalworking processes. Too much or too little emulsion can lead to problems such as corrosion, rusting, and foaming, which can impact the efficiency of the process.

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Lubrication Plans

A lubrication plan is a critical component of industrial maintenance management. It is a detailed plan that outlines the lubrication requirements for all equipment and machinery within a facility. The plan includes a schedule for lubrication activities, identifies the lubricants required, specifies the lubrication points and the quantities to be applied, and provides instructions for lubrication procedures. Optimol Lubrication is there to help you to write your lubrication plan for maintaining reliable, efficient, and safe equipment operation.

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Improve Reliability

A well-executed lubrication plan ensures that machinery and equipment operate as designed. Lubrication prevents excessive wear and tear on the components, thereby reducing the likelihood of equipment breakdowns and unscheduled downtime.

Extended Equipment Life

Proper lubrication can help extend the lifespan of equipment by reducing the wear and tear on components. This can result in significant cost savings, as replacing equipment can be a costly proposition.

Enhanced Safety

Lubrication is essential for maintaining safe operating conditions. Properly lubricated equipment is less likely to experience unexpected failures or malfunctions, which can lead to accidents or injuries.

Cost Savings

A lubrication plan can help identify the appropriate lubricants for each piece of equipment, ensuring that the most cost-effective products are used. Additionally, by preventing equipment breakdowns, a lubrication plan can help reduce maintenance costs and the associated labor expenses.


Many industries have regulations and guidelines that require regular lubrication and maintenance. A lubrication plan can help ensure that an organization is compliant with these regulations.

Courses & Training

At Optimol Lubrication we offer comprehensive courses and training programs for maintenance teams focused specifically on lubrication. Our expert instructors will teach your team about the different types of lubricants, how to select the right lubricant for each application, and best practices for lubrication application and maintenance. Ensure that your maintenance team has the knowledge and skills they need to keep your equipment operating at peak performance, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

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Our team is equipped to support maintenance departments and reliability departments with any lubrication issues they may face, providing prompt and effective solutions, including technical reports. With a hands-on team and a proven track record in any industry, we stand by our customers, ensuring that their machinery runs smoothly and efficiently. At Optimol Lubrication, we are committed to delivering high-quality lubrication solutions that help our customers achieve their goals.

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Our warehouse spans XXXX square meters, holding a whopping XXXX tons of industrial oils and greases. With four levels of precision storage, we ensure swift and dependable deliveries. Our extensive stock guarantees rapid access to a wide range of products, meeting your needs just in time.

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At Optimol Lubrication, we understand that ensuring the optimal performance of your Memolub automatic lubricators is essential for the longevity and efficiency of your machinery. That's why we go the extra mile to provide expert installation services, ensuring that your Memolub's are flawlessly installed and ready to deliver reliable lubrication to your equipment.

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