At Optimol Lubrication, we fight friction, protect equipment, and help reduce overall operating costs. Thanks to the optimal lubrication effect of high performance lubricants, wear is greatly reduced, repairs and overhauls can be postponed or even avoided, while machine availability and production efficiency increase. Our innovative lubricants ensure the smooth operation of your machines, both technically and financially. Optimol Lubrication offers a wide range of range of high-performance lubricants, with unique combinations of high-quality base materials and special additives, so that the lubrication is optimally adapted to each individual application.

Chain oils medium

Chain Oils

From multi-service to specialist chain lines, we have the right chain oil for various applications and environmental conditions.

Compressor oils medium

Compressor Oils

Specialist lubricants for the safe and efficient operation of compressor installations.

Gear oils medium

Gear Oils

Our gear oils range from standard mineral oils to high-performance synthetic oils. They are proven to reduce friction, and actively resist wear to extend the life of your gearbox.

Greases medium


We offer a comprehensive range of world-class greases to provide advanced protection for your equipment.

Hydraulic fluids medium

Hydrolic Fluids

From conventional mineral oils to synthetic and specialist oils, our hydraulic fluids cover a wide range of uses.

Turbines medium

Turbine Oils

Oils designed to meet the lubrication requirements of steam, gas and water turbines.