Tips for maintaining metalworking fluids during the holiday season.


With the summer months approaching, many production companies face a common challenge: the holiday season. During this period, reduced production schedules can have a significant impact on the use and management of metalworking fluids. At Optimol Lubrication, your authorised distributor of Castrol in the Netherlands, Belgium, and France, we understand the importance of maintaining fluids, not only for cost management but also for preserving equipment efficiency and lifespan.

Metalworking fluids are essential for any production process involving metalworking, grinding, or machining. These fluids help cool and lubricate tools and workpieces while providing protection against corrosion. Whether you use pure oils, water-miscible oils, or synthetic fluids, each type plays a crucial role in improving the machining process and ensuring high-quality finishes.

Challenges during the holiday season.

The summer break brings specific challenges, especially in the way fluids are managed when machines are not continuously used. Stagnant fluids are susceptible to issues such as microbial growth and chemical degradation, both of which can affect the effectiveness of the fluid and the integrity of the machines.

It is crucial to maintain a routine for checking fluid levels and conditions even during periods of downtime. Regular testing of pH, concentration, and contamination can help detect problems early. Ensure that fluids are stored correctly when machines are idle. Consider investing in fluid recycling systems that can help purify and reuse metalworking fluids. These products can effectively remove contaminants and restore fluid quality. Ensure that the coolant is free from contaminants such as leak oil, chips, etc. Use an oil skimmer to remove leak oil. Ensure that the coolant is circulated regularly, ideally at fixed intervals, by pumping it around. If this is not possible, aerate the coolant by blowing in small amounts of air.

Comprehensive additional services package.

Optimol Lubrication offers a comprehensive additional services package for optimizing fluid management and the production process.

Optimizing your production facilities for the holiday season ensures that your equipment remains in top condition, ready to meet the demands of production during the peak season. At Optimol Lubrication, we are ready to support your business with high-quality products and expert advice. Contact us today to learn more about how Castrol products can be integrated into your maintenance routines for maximum efficiency and sustainability.

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