Optimol Lubrication showcases comprehensive lubrication solutions at TechniShow.


As a leading provider of industrial cooling and lubrication solutions, Optimol will showcase a wide range of products and solutions at TechniShow, addressing challenging themes within the metalworking manufacturing industry. Visitors will have the opportunity to learn about the most suitable cooling and lubrication solutions for clean, high mix – low volume, and environmentally friendly production processes.

TechniShow holds significant importance for Optimol Lubrication as it provides the perfect platform to connect with both existing and potential customers. Leon Verschuren, Sales Manager Netherlands, is looking forward to TechniShow, stating, "We are excited that many machine suppliers will attend TechniShow. Since many visitors initially come to see machines and automation systems, exploring other products and solutions like tools and lubricants later, the ability to witness all this technology and knowledge in one day makes TechniShow highly appealing, both for visitors and exhibitors."

Emulsions for varied materials and operations.

At TechniShow, Optimol will showcase a diverse range of products and solutions. Among the newest offerings is the Castrol XBB program featuring cutting-edge cooling and lubrication fluids. This program includes a new range of liquids, including variants such as SL50, SL45, SL35, SL30, and soon to be released SL20. These fluids are developed to ensure long-term stability and quality without the use of boron and formaldehyde-releasing agents found in traditional cutting fluids. The Castrol XBB program, along with the entire suite of solutions offered by Optimol Lubrication in the Benelux (and France), targets high mix – low volume production scenarios, where different materials are processed using various tools on the same machine.

"The Benelux market is unique," says Verschuren. "While our counterparts in Germany often develop and supply cutting fluids tailored to the machining of a single type of material and process, cutting fluids in the Benelux are tailored to the machining of various materials simultaneously. Additionally, customers prefer to use a single cutting fluid for different machining techniques and machines. This presents a significant challenge." Hence, Optimol primarily introduces universal cutting fluids, finely tuned to meet customer requirements and machining factors. Optimol Lubrication observes an increasing demand for clean production and process control. With the Castrol XBB program, Optimol Lubrication can provide optimal solutions for the most demanding challenges.

Sustainable emulsions.

Derived from the Castrol XBB program, Optimol also introduces the Castrol XBC program featuring cleaning fluids, addressing sustainability concerns. "Sustainability is an increasingly significant theme in the market, where industrial emulsions play a crucial role," says Verschuren. The Castrol XBC cleaning fluids, used in conjunction with Castrol XBB cutting fluids, are specifically developed for this purpose. These cleaning fluids are suitable for a wide range of cleaning systems. Interestingly, at the end of its lifecycle, the XBC cleaning fluid can be repurposed as an alternative to water in the XBB coolant emulsion without compromising performance. This reduces waste volume, water consumption, and costs.

At TechniShow, Optimol Lubrication showcases its versatility by offering an extensive array of products and services. Beyond merely a diverse selection of cutting fluids, Optimol provides a holistic solution comprising cutting fluids, cleaning fluids, preservatives, a comprehensive range of oils and greases, Memolub automatic lubrication systems, and a variety of services. These services include measuring and maintaining emulsion baths, delivering lectures, and offering expert advice to assist customers in optimizing their processes. This approach positions Optimol Lubrication as the ultimate destination for all fluid and lubricant-related requirements within the manufacturing industry!

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