Lubrication in the food industry: a profession in its own right.


Lubrication is essential in all types of industries, because without lubrication everything remains stagnant. In fact, perfect lubrication keeps everything running smoothly, extends the life of components, prevents breakdowns and thus reduces maintenance costs. Moreover, machine availability increases, ensuring better productivity. Bearings, gearboxes and other transmission components can be subjected to heavier loads without compromising their service life, while increasing plant reliability. Optimol Lubrication, distributor of Castrol Industrial, Memolub and Cogelsa has a specific product range for lubricating machinery in the food industry.

Lubricating machinery and its components in the food industry faces many challenges: high humidity, extreme temperatures as well as cleaning and disinfecting agents that are frequently used to ensure the production environment meets the hygiene standards imposed. In addition, accidental contact between the lubricant and the finished product can occur in this industry.

A food contaminated with a non-food lubricant can have dramatic consequences for both the producer and the consumer. Lubricants are by definition process substances and not food products, so it is critical to use food-grade lubricants to reduce health risks to the consumer to 0. The need for careful lubrication management and the importance of choosing the right lubricant for each application within the food industry is more apparent than ever.

Differentiated formulation allows the production of "food-grade" lubricants, and in various forms: sprays, pastes, oils, greases, ... Unlike "ordinary" lubricants, no contaminating chemicals are used and these lubricants are designed to be odorless and tasteless to ensure the quality and safety of the food with which they come into contact (indirectly). These lubricants can be found in hydraulic systems, gearboxes, bearings, air compressors, transmission and conveyor chains, among others, and that in a wide variety of food industries.

Proper selection and use of "food-grade" lubricants is essential to ensure food product safety and machine reliability. Synthetic base oils are used in many of these lubricants because of their excellent performance characteristics, such as high viscosity index, low volatility and low pour point. For example, their superior oxidation stability and resistance to thermal degradation make them ideal for high-temperature applications.

Optimol Lubrication helps you find the right lubricant and cleaner/degreaser for your application. Thanks to its wide product range and technical knowledge, Optimol Lubrication can respond to the toughest applications, in the industry's most aggressive environments. In addition to legal requirements, the team of Lubrication Engineers is always attentive to your specific needs and requirements. Optimol Lubrication accompanies you from A to Z, not only supplying you with the most suitable product, but also offering you analytical follow-ups on the performance of your lubricants. All food-grade lubricants are also NSF H1, kosher and halal certified.

In addition to optimization and rationalization, automation can also play an important role in making your lubrication process safer. The Memolub range distributed by Optimol Lubrication is a refillable automatic electromechanical lubrication system that optimally manages your lubrication volume and lubrication frequency. This greatly reduces the risk of contamination compared to manual lubrication and offers significant operational and financial benefits. Each Memolub system is equipped with a unique frequency and volume controller and lubrication pattern. Thanks to the optional intuitive feedback system, you can immediately check whether everything is functioning optimally and when the lubricant needs to be replenished. This technology allows you to lubricate all types of tools, even in locations that are difficult to reach.

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