Electro-chemical single point automatic lubricator.

Greasomatic®96 single point automatic lubricators are the most cost-effective alternative to manual lubrication. In reality manual lubircation either doesn't get carried out enough or gets carried out too much. Both under and over lubrication cause premature bearing/machine failure.


Each GREASOMATIC contains its own unique chemical expulsion unit. This has no springs or mechanisms but relies on an unvarying law of nature.

Built into the top of each GREASOMATIC is a flexible rubber expansion chamber containing a liquid electrolyte and a galvanic element. The unit is activated by injecting the galvanic element into the electrolyte.

The resultant electro-chemical reaction generates a steadily increasing amount of gas, which gradually expands against a piston, to extrude the lubricant slowly but surely into the bearing to which the GREASOMATIC is fitted.

The chemicals and gas remain hermetically sealed within the expansion chamber so that no contamination of the lubricant can occur, even after the unit itself is spent.

During the working life of the GREASOMATIC, an indicating ring on the ejection piston shows through translucent windows in the body to enable the discharge state to be monitored.

Unactive v2


Active v2



This is provided to guard against the possibility of the GREASOMATIC being fitted unwittingly to a bearing with blocked greaseways.

Should the pressure built up by the GREASOMATIC prove insufficient to clear the blockage, the valve will open to allow the lubricant to escape and prevent excessive pressurisation of the GREASOMATIC.

The exudation of lubricant around the GREASOMATIC will serve as a warning that the greaseways are blocked and that no lubrication is taking place.