Memolub EM 120


Solution for controlled micro-lubrication.

  • Reusable autonomous single point lubrication system
  • Battery powered.
  • 10 bar ejection pressure.
  • Use with grease or oil.
  • Remote installation up to 2 m
  • 2 settings


The MEMOLUB® EM is a battery powered, self-contained automatic lubricator designed for controlled micro-lubrication. It is specially suited for applications requiring frequent but limited lubricant volumes: small bearings, linear guides, chains, electric motors, etc.

Memolub EM Application

Simple Programming

The MEMOLUB® EM daily lubricant output is programmed using the MEMO system. The red and white timing MEMOs determine how long it takes to empty the lubricant cartridge. There are two basic time settings; 12 and 24 months. Once the appropriate MEMO is installed, the program is retained in the MEMO fitting, and at the lube point, allowing the user to interchange other MEMOLUB® EM lubricators without the worry of reprogramming.

Memolub EM Memo 500x500


The Memolub EM pump is engineered to deliver powerful output pressure (10bar/140psi) and is capable of pumping low- and high viscosity lubricants at extreme temperatures. Thanks to the patented electro-mechanical technology inside Memolub EM, the system is safe for the negative consequences of system back-pressure.

Memolub Pump Animation 500x500