Oil Transfer Equipment.

OilSafe Color-Coded Transfer Containers are preferred by leading companies worldwide. People often go to great lengths to preserve the quality of their oil, only to contaminate it by using filthy containers, pouring it through a dirty funnel or inadvertently mixing it with different oil.

  • A fully sealed robust unit that prevents contaminants from getting into the oil.
  • Easier dispensing without the need for secondary tools such as funnels.
  • Color-Coded visual lubrication system to prevent cross-contamination by clear identification of contents.

OilSafe Drums

Tough and comfortable to handle, OilSafe Drums come in 5 different sizes and are fully sealing when fitted to any style OilSafe Lid. The drums have an extra wide neck opening (120mm / 4.7”) for rapid pouring and easy cleaning.

Made of industrial-grade material that withstands the toughest working conditions, the drums are designed to last.

  • Fully graduated in metric to assist with measuring fluid volumes.
  • Ultra durable construction so it will not warp, leak, bend or break.

Available in 1.5L, 2L, 3L, 5L, and 10L drums.

Oilsafe drums

Color-Coded Range of OilSafe Containers

Available in 5 different styles and 10 OilSafe colors. Made with industrial grade, heat-resistant materials. The ultra durable construction will not warp, leak or break. OilSafe Lids have an advanced sealing thread design that ensures a secure fit on all OilSafe Drums.

Oilsafe colors

OilSafe Identification Labels

The right fill point (contaminant free) is one of the simplest ways to reduce maintenance and operating costs.

Available in 10 colors a variety of sizes, materials and styles to provide the flexibility needed for the challenges that exist in industrial environments. OilSafe offers a comprehensive suite of industrial grade labels to suit your lubricant labeling program.

OilSafe Labels enable identification of container contents through color-coding and the addition of extra information as required. Each label is designed with clear color reinforcement and a large white space to allow for writing (in pen) of required information.

Oilsafe labels